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Emily and Olivia 2 on 1 Date - The Bachelor - Celebrity Style

Purple Mermaid Designs The Bachelor

Emily Ferguson, the remaining twin on The Bachelor,  was spotted wearing an engraved gold bar necklace on The Bachelor on her 2 on 1 date with Ben Higgins.  The gold bar necklace has been a favorite accessory of many Bachelor ladies.  The simplicity of the statement piece was the perfect choice for her fringed bathing suit.

click to view the engraved gold bar necklace

As for the episode - In a shocking twist of events, Ben Higgins picked up the rose and asked Olivia to take a walk. We were pretty sure he would once again offer Olivia a rose.

"Today you really did take the time just to speak from the heart and tell me exactly what you're feeling," Ben said. "I just don't think I can reciprocate those feelings. It's just not a place that I can get to and I think that as honest with me about your feelings, I have to be honest with you about mine and to tell you that today I can't give you this rose."  Well!


click to view the sideways cross necklace

Olivia Caridi chose a simple sideways cross necklace, which we love.  The sideways cross seemed to be the perfect choice to coordinate with her cut out swimsuit.

Now back to the episode - To say that Emily was thrilled by Olivia's downfall is putting it mildly. "Oh my God, yes!" Emily exclaimed!   Olivia looked on with tears in her eyes, while the waves crashed in the background.  Are we even sure she ever got off the island?

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