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Ship Time Estimates

SPECIAL HOLIDAY NOTICE: During the Holiday Season, there will be a Holiday Cut-off Date under the title/price of each item for your convenience. There will be an "order by" date specified which will indicate the last day to order that item for receipt by December 24th. This information supercedes ship time estimates indicated in the item's description, as ship times can become a bit longer during this busy time of year. 
These are the cut-off dates to receive your products in time for Christmas! Cut-off dates may vary between products. Please note that this is not an absolute guarantee, as we cannot control weather, or shipper delays. We cannot guarantee International Shipping times. We will make every effort to get your special gift in time to wrap for under the tree!
Designers do make efforts to get out as many orders as possible after cut-off dates, but items ordered after these dates are likely to arrive after Christmas. Orders that do not arrive for Christmas may not be cancelled.
If ordering after the cut-off dates and would like something to put under the tree, we suggest purchasing an eGift Card for last minute gifts ~ let your gift recipient choose their gift!

Each of our products is custom made just for you at the time of order.  We know you will be looking forward to receiving your item as soon as possible, so we would like to provide the following information to assist you with estimating receipt.

The time required to create your item (personalization time) varies from product to product, so for your convenience, we have indicated the time frame in the body text of each item's description, listed as "ship time estimate".   Please refer to product descriptions of your item for that information.  

The average turnaround is 10-15 business days to ship.  However, many of our items take only 7 business days to ship, while a select few specialty items may take up to 6 weeks.  We are always happy to answer any questions regarding shipping and will always do our best to accommodate need by dates, but cannot always guarantee.  Some items offer a rush option for your convenience.  If your item is eligible for a rush, that option will be available to add to cart.

You will be able to choose your shipping method during checkout.  You can choose an expedited shipping method, however, your item will still need to be created, so please factor the production time in to your estimation.  Example:  If you choose express shipping, and your item indicates a 2-3 week ship time estimate, you can assume your item will ship in 2-3 weeks via express shipping.  

Once your order is placed, it cannot be cancelled if it does not arrive by a particular date. We offer a cute little Gift Receipt Notice in the event your order was not placed in time to receive for your "need by" date.  Just print it out and wrap it up!  Your gift recipient will be thrilled to know their personalized gift is on its way.